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My sports journey

The foundation of my sports journey is in basketball and track & field.  I’m proud to have been a member of Charlottesville High School (Virginia) teams and experience a variety of district, regional and state level championships & accolades.  


I was blessed to play college basketball at the United States Naval Academy.  This was an amazing experience, culminating in an NCAA “March Madness” tournament appearance in 1994.  After college, I’ve played basketball in numerous semi-professional leagues and tournaments domestically and overseas.  


Through these experiences, I learned numerous life lessons about: servant-leadership, relationship building, teamwork, discipline, integrity, consistency, and adaptability.  These have shaped my perspectives and how I engage the world around me.


This now serves as my platform for the coaching and training that I do.  I have been honored to serve so many athletes in different sports at all levels to help them achieve their full potential.

Hoop Dreams Basketball Consulting

Founder, CEO  |  Bay Area, CA  |  2005 - present

Basketball consultant, teacher, skills trainer, fitness trainer and coach.  Clients include male/female, youth, high school, college and professional players.  USA Basketball trainer & skills coach.  eSports volunteer, co-creator for eHoops (inclusive clinics for typical & special needs children).  Notable professional athletes trained: Aaron Gordon, Dwight Powell, Jazmine Davis.

Triumph Skills Academy

Co-Founder, Director of Basketball Operations  |  Pleasanton, CA  |  2015 - 2019

Year-round club basketball team serving 100+ youth and high school players (male & female teams).  In-depth skills and fitness training.  Competitor in Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) tournaments.  Multiple championships won at all levels of the program (northern CA, southern CA, Reno NV, Las Vegas NV).

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